diamond drill bit re tipping

Drill bit re-tipping

Looking to save money on diamond core drills? Getting your barrels re-tipped is a great way to save money on diamond drills, with savings of up to 50% per drill. We offer a comprehensive re-tipping service and can usually have re-tip diamond drills back to you by the next day. These can be tipped in our Arix, Black or Green range depending on your drilling needs and budget. Should you wish to bring used barrels into either of our workshops, we can perform this service for you on a while-you-wait basis. We can also arrange to have core barrels collected from your premises, re-tipped and returned to you. All barrels will be thoroughly inspected to ensure they suitable to re-tip. For prices and to arrange our re-tipping service Please fill in the enquiry form below. In these times of economic uncertainty, re-tipping makes financial sense.
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