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Wall Saw Blades

All of our diamond Wallsaw/ Tracksaw blades come with flush cut holes to suit all leading makes of machinery available today. With diameters of up to 2 metres available from stock we are able to meet all of your Track and wall sawing needs.

The Arix WX20 Diamond Blade is for lower power 3 phase Wallsaws/Tracksaws with power of upto 20 Kw. For reinforced Concrete.

The Arix WX70 Diamond Blade for Hydraulic wallsaws/Tracksaws and 3 Phases Wallsaws/Tracksaws with power over 30Kw. For reinforced concrete.

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WS20 Low Power 600mm Wall Saw
WS20 Low Power 650mm Wall Saw
WS20 Low Power 700mm Wall Saw
WS20 Low Power 750mm Wall Saw
WS20 Low Power 800mm Wall Saw
WS60 600mm Wall Saw
WS60 700mm Wall Saw
WS60 750mm Wall Saw
WS60 800mm Wall Saw
WS60 900mm Wall Saw
WS60 1000mm Wall Saw
WS60 1200mm Wall Saw
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